Change domain administrator

Situation number 2. Today I did transfer the domain for the game Gothic 4 – from host Despite the fact that companies like to have in common are the owner or partners (do not know), there how to move a little more long-term.

1. Go to this page to a knowledge base where downloading an example of the application domain transfer and print it.

2. Fill in the application, indicating your name, username, and subscribe to the desired domains. Then scan (or fotkat) and recovering at Caution is required for individuals with this statement to send scans of 1.2 pages of the passport and residence permit. For legal sufficiently stamped.

3. After some time of those. Support came the message “Thank you, documents obtained. Domain transfer request is confirmed.”

4. I go to the section Transfer where I enter the desired domain and click the button “Continue”. The application will be processed within a certain time.
By the way, if you want to transfer a domain from another registrar to, the procedure is very simple:

You can make an order from another registrar as soon as we receive a request, it will automatically be sent to your contact email. Once you confirm it, a transfer will be confirmed and the domain will be transferred to the new registrar. Confirmation Transfer You play 96 hours (4 days), if, during this time we have not received a response from you, automatically sent denial.